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Consistency: How important is it really?

You’ve heard it all before “consistency is key” and whether that’s in your diet, exercise, work life, relationships or anything it really is the sure fire way to get to where you want to be.

I chat about consistency a lot with my clients when it comes to their diet and exercise regime. A lot of people worry about not being able to fit in 5 workouts every week, many can only manage 3 a week. If you can only fit in 3 workouts a week, that’s amazing! You just need to make sure that you’re consistent with those 3 weekly workouts. Anything extra you do is just a bonus! Similarly, if you’re only smashing out one insanely intense 1 hour workout every week or so then that’s really not going to get you anywhere. Consistency is  a series of smaller efforts built up over time that really produce results

Same goes for diet. If you eat clean and nutritious meals 6 days a week then treat yourself one day a week, that’s still nourishing your body 85% of the time and if you continue to eat well 85% of the week each and every week you will see results! It’s like they say “one burger won’t make you gain weight and one salad won’t make you lose it.”

And I totally get it, for some people it’s really hard to find that balance and maintain consistency. With working full time, being a mum, running a business, studying at uni, and just being a #bossbbe it sometimes feels like it’s impossible to get to that point where being consistent is relatively easy.

The fact is – and I’m going to play a bit of ‘bad cop’ here so bear with me… no one is going to make you show up, so you have to show up for yourself. You can tell yourself “I’m going to train 5 days this week!” and if you don’t do it, that’s fine because no one’s going to know but you. No one else is going to be let down about it… but you so are you comfortable with letting yourself down?

Okay so how do you create consistency in your health and fitness? Here’s my tips:

  1. Book in your workouts like you would a business meeting. It’s non-negotiable, you can’t cancel, so show up!
  2. Meal prep – You’ve probably heard me talk about meal prepping countless times but that’s because it’s really THE BEST way to stay on track with nourishing your body
  3. Change your mindset around your routine. You shouldn’t feel as though nourishing your body and exercising is a chore – it’s a BLESSING! Think of how lucky you are to have access to healthy, delicious foods and are physically able to exercise and move your body. Once you change how you think about health and fitness being consistent will be a walk in the park

Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful

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