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Creating Body Positivity

Being a woman in today’s world isn’t an easy job. We face daily challenges with a lot of societal issues, but especially our bodies. With the rise of social media over the last few years it’s even harder to remove yourself from the seemingly ‘perfect’ images of women we are flooded with every day. It can be so easy to quickly compare yourself to the instagram model with the intricately constructed photo that took 15 minutes and over 100 takes and half an hour to edit.


With that being said, I think it is so important to create your own body positivity as well as empower other women to feel amazing in their own bodies. Here are my tips for creating body positivity.


Focus on the things you love about yourself that are NOT to do with your appearance

Are you really good at your job? Can you make a mean brownie? Are you a compassionate and loving person? It’s cliche, but it really is what on the inside that counts. People will remember you for how you made them feel, not the way you look.



Stand in front of a mirror and pick 5 things you love about yourself

While it’s very important to love yourself from the inside, it’s also important to be able to look at yourself and see yourself as beautiful! It can be something as small as a freckle on your nose that you’ve always loved or your hair that you’ve been working on growing for years. Find 5 things that are uniquely you that you love.



The number on the scales does NOT define you

You are worth a lot more than your weight. Especially for women, the number on the scales can fluctuate daily depending on when you ate, if you’ve been to the bathroom recently, where you are in your cycle and heaps of other reasons. If you find yourself going back to the scales, just throw them away! You cannot weigh beauty.



Change the way you look at your imperfections

The marks on your body map out your life journey. The stretch marks on your stomach from pregnancy? You made a human being you amazing woman! Stop looking at your so-called ‘flaws’ as something to hide and be ashamed of, look at them as an achievement and a reminder of just how much your body is capable of.  
During my post pregnancy journey, I definitely experienced moments of doubt and didn’t appreciate my body for all it had achieved so I made sure I worked on my self esteem and confidence and loving what I saw in the mirror, and even though it was hard I still learned to love my post baby body! I worked on my fitter and stronger self for 6 months after Jordy was born and really loved the results I achieved – but now that I am pregnant again and my body is changing daily I have to learn again to be proud of my body for what it is doing and how amazing it is! 


Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful

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