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FAQ – Strong by KD

Yes you do! The workouts prescribed in the 12 Week Program are all off my Online Workout Studio. This means that you get to workout with me every day as I take you through a full 30 minute workout step-by-step, making sure that your technique is on point (so you get all those benefits – hey perky booty!) and keeping you motivated. There’s no guesswork here, or tapping out half way 😉 Let’s do this together – wherever you are!

Select from my Premium packages and have access to over 40 workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Simply use our easy Body Type Guide to find you personalised Ebook and purchase your Program! Head to our Body Type Guide on the STRONG by KD Page and get started with us!

Firstly – congratulations! I recommend that whilst you’re pregnant, you stick to my Online Workout Studio without the 12 Week Program. The 12 Week Program is really focused on getting your best body, and during pregnancy we are all about maintaining a healthy body, mind and energy. I have a great selection of Pregnancy Workouts on my Online Studio that you can do – so grab a membership and lets stay healthy and happy together through this amazing journey!

*Always seek medical advice before commencing any exercise during pregnancy. Listen to your body!

Ah – technology! Occasionally, your browser might hiccup and won’t allow the videos to play. Switch over to another browser – such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox – and give that a go! If you’re still having troubles, contact Jess and the team at enquiries@katiedickens.com.au and they’ll fix you up!

Hey Brissy babe! You sure can. Contact Jess and the team on info@dancebarre.com.au and they’ll get you started straight away!

Selecting the correct Body Type Guide is super important so that you can get the BEST guidance for your body. Head to our super easy Body Guide and decide which body type suits you most. There may be a few characteristics which cross-over between two different body types, and that’s okay! I suggest selecting the one that ticks the most boxes when it comes to your body. When you read the description list you’ll know which best suits you – but if you’re still struggling shoot us a message and we can help you out!

*Please remember people who are a certain body type DO NOT all look the same. Two ladies who are MEZO might look to the eye completely different, but it will be the way that their body holds muscle, stores fat, loses weight and reacts to particular training that will make them both MEZO.

Yes! The best bit of a workout – the tunes! You can hit us up on our Spotify Account for all our fav playlists – just search katiedickensonline. Because really, what’s a workout without some pumpin’ beats.

Although the majority of my workouts are equipment-free, I have always emphasised the importance of adding weight to your workout in order to increase intensity. Now I KNOW this can be easily added to the ‘too hard basket’ of things, but fear not, I have just the thing for you.

For my workouts, I recommend that you have the following on hand;

  • 2 x 1kg dumbells – hello toned arms!
  • 2 x kettle bells.

I recommend one that is a slightly-heavier than comfortable weight, and then another which is heavier. This way, we can progress. For example, I have an

  • 8kg and a 12kg at home!
  • 1 x theraband – perky booty, here we come!
  • 1 x foam roller – seriously best investment ever. (By investment I mean that $10 you could have spent on two coffees could relieve a whole lot of next day pain).
  • Exercise mat – because no one wants to lie on the floor.

Head to my blog and find my run-down of the best places to grab yourself your simple home workout equipment – and it won’t break the bank!!!

You sure can!! Be creative, but some of my favourites are;

  • Sub your dumbells with small water bottles. Make sure they are filled with water (but securely fastened) for extra burn.
  • No kettlebells? No worries. Fill a backpack with some books and give your Sweat workout a go – it’s a killer!
  • Ditch the exercise mat and just use a towel – perfect for absorbing that sweat 😉

All you need is an area 2M wide, by 2M deep. That’s it! Move that furniture outta the way, pop your mat on the ground and you’re ready to roll! Wherever you are, in your living room, on the balcony, in your local gym, in your office, or local park or grassy area, you CAN always make space for this.

Super-stylish activewear of course! Kidding. You can wear whatever you like – particularly if you’re working out at home! For my strength and cardio workouts I always recommend a supportive shoe. We’re all girls here, so make sure you’ve got a supportive bra or crop on too!

STRONG by KD is a 12 Week fitness program for every body. Created based on your body type, it guides you through the exercise and nutrition principles that will help you to create your strongest body. It’s for everyone. Whether you’re looking to loose weight, gain muscle or just looking to maintain your body with some fun, challenging and easy-to-follow workouts – this is the ultimate fitness platform.
You can do the Program any time! Just join when you’re ready and get going with the rest of the amazing #KDwomen!

Totally fine! We cannot offer returns on any of our Program purchases, but you can cancel your Online Workouts Membership at any time after your initial sign-up period.

Head to Facebook and type in STRONG by KD Community or CLICK HERE and you’ll find us there! Request access and we’ll let you in to our awesome community space! You must be a current Katie Dickens Online Subscriber to get entry, so make sure your Facebook name matches your Account name! If not, shoot us an email explaining and we will let you in!

Tech queens – to the rescue! Shoot us an email on enquiries@katiedickens.com.au and our trusty back-end team will help you out!

Anytime! Grab your Online Membership and Body Type Program and you’re all set! I recommend purchasing your Program over the weekend to give you time to go through it, get your food prep game on on a Sunday and be ready to kick-it on Monday! But that’s just me – I’m a Monday person! You do you – come and get #strongerwithKD.

If you have an injury or illness which prevents you from doing some movements, please seek professional medical attention before continuing with any exercise. For all of my workouts, I give you a ‘challenge’ option and a ‘modification’ for each exercise. Feel free to modify! We all have our own levels in each training area.

I absolutely advise you to keep on going after the 12 weeks is over – because a healthy lifestyle should have no end date. You can keep following your training by repeating your Workout Schedule challenging yourself with heavier weights – that’s how I designed it!

Totally! Nearly all of my recipes have vegetarian and vegan options! Fun fact: I was vegan myself for six months before I fell pregnant!

Tea and coffee lovers! My nutrition guide and recipe ebook covers all bases with breakie, lunch, dinner and snacks. Tea and coffee is totally up to you – if you’re really looking to see amazing results I would recommend one per day with dairy-free milk.

However, please remember that this is a lifestyle. If you can’t last without that cuppa or you have to reach for coffee no. 2 to get through the day, you do that. This has to be an attainable and maintainable lifestyle in order for you to make positive changes to your lifestyle!

You totally can! I worked with dieticians and industry professionals to ensure that my recipe ebook was tried, tested and absolutely perfect! All options are GF, Vegan or Vegetarian or can be made so! But if it’s just not you, then sure you can totally do whatever suits your body!

Due to the intangibility of the product (digital download), we cannot accept any request for refunds. In the case where a purchase error is made please contact my team on enquiries@katiedickens.com.au to discuss a resolution.

Join the club!! 😉 No but seriously, an increase in training or a change of diet can really affect your hunger levels. Make sure you are eating every 2-3 hours to keep on top of your energy levels and drinking HEAPS of water. If you’re still very hungry or tired please contact a medical professional.

It can be a hard one, fitting in cooking with training and daily life. I always encourage people to prep meals on the weekend for the whole week. Alternatively, you can get some great deliver-to-door options such as Youfoodz, Hello Fresh and you can even try your local health food cafe – some do catering!

They sure are!!! I LOVE snacks, so we have pages full of all kinds of snacks. Don’t worry – I’ve got your back!

Not to worry, so am I! Just swap things out to suit you!

Absolutely not! Organic can be $$. I recommend heading to your local farmers markets for the best (and cheapest!) produce. Other than that, Aldi is great for fresh veggies.

Totally! My workout Program is made to be done anywhere, anytime. Simply take your device with you to the gym and get sweaty!

Totally up to you! My 30 minute workouts get great results on their own, but if you have the time and want to pair them with something to really see change quickly, I’ve popped in your schedule what is an awesome pair. All of my workouts are paired as cardio/tone or strength/tone to really make the most out of your workout. You might do singles three days a week and doubles one day per week! Up to you!

Shoot the team an email and we will get onto it quick-fast!

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