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Finding & maintaining balance

Balance, balance, balance –  you hear it or see it every day on social media, TV ads, on the radio, but does anyone ever tell you how to find and maintain balance in your life?


The first thing we should talk about is the fact that we’re only human, not robots so sticking to a perfect schedule of working out, eating clean, progressing in your career and maintaining healthy relationships isn’t always possible all the time! Unfortunately, we don’t have a personal trainer or life coach following us around all day telling us exactly how to live.


That’s where balance comes into play. We all try our best to eat as healthy as we can but let’s be honest sometimes we slip up and THAT’S OKAY! So what you had a chocolate bar yesterday? Was the rest of your day filled with lean protein, lots of veggies and colourful fruit? Then I promise you, you’re fine! It’s the same if you miss a workout mid week because you are exhausted, SURPRISE you’re a human being and you need rest.


I strongly believe in the 80/20 rule – that’s healthy 80% of the time and indulgence 20% of time time. If your indulgence is a pizza on a Friday night with your family then work that into your life so you don’t need to feel guilty about having those yummy slices! The trick is finding what works for you.


I find there’s a lot of pressure, especially on women to act like Superwoman 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Sometimes we don’t have it all together. Sometimes we’ll have an extra glass of wine and we’ll miss a Monday workout but as long as you’re doing your best that is all that matters.


Tips for finding and maintaining YOUR balance –


1. Learn to prioritise your day

This may mean waking up a bit earlier, writing down what you need to achieve for the day and numbering each task from 1-3 in order of importance. You only need to have one item on that list numbered 1 – this is the task you MUST get done today if you don’t achieve anything else. The number 2 tasks take second priority and will make you feel great once you complete them. The number 3 tasks are the ones that sort of sit in the back of your mind, it’s not life or death if they don’t get done today but it will put your mind at ease if you do.


2. Be flexible

Know that you can’t plan everything down to the minute and sometimes life throws you curveballs that you just need to tackle in that moment! Some days you may need to alter your routine to fit unexpected tasks so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get everything done that you planned.


3. Make time to unplug

We’re all guilty of it, the moment we have a spare second we jump on our phones to check the latest on Facebook and Instagram but it is SO important to make a conscious effort to reduce your screen time as much as possible. You’ll be surprised how refreshed and less anxious you feel once you start this!


4. Make you a priority

If you’re not focused on bettering yourself then you can’t expect to better anyone else. You need to look after number one! I totally understand, especially being a mum it’s almost impossible to find time for yourself but believe me when I say that I find a massive change in my family and work life when I take extra care of myself.


5. Ask for help

Repeat after me “I am not less of a mother, employee or friend if I need to ask for help.” Having a support network of people you can turn to when things become overwhelming is one of the best things in life and remember, they all want to see you succeed and would love to help you on your journey.


“We all have slow days, off days, days we feel tired or uninspired, but they are nothing to concern yourself with. Like the ocean, the stillness is just another of our natural states. Soon, the winds will return, the waves will rise, and your imagination will flow freely again.” – Beau Taplin

Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful

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