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About Katie

The Method

Katie’s method is inspired by dance, Pilates and ballet barre and is designed to help create strong, lean muscle and increase female fitness in a fun, supportive and empowering environment.

Katie knew that women enjoy the freedom that comes with dancing and wanted to create a unique form of working out which was different to other generic fitness programs.

The workouts are easy to follow using simple sequences made up of sets and repetitions of particular movements and exercises to create the perfect training method. The workouts are constantly changing to maintain intensity, variety and motivation. Katie’s method is predominantly toning based, but she is also conscious of the importance of high intensity cardio-orientated training methods and has created both strength and cardio workouts inspired by her years of dance and Pilates for those who in particular who are really wanting to change the shape of their body.

Because the workouts are only 30 minutes long everyone can do it! Each of the workouts target specific areas, such as the glutes, outer thighs, inner thighs, the abdominals and arms – all the focus areas that women love to tighten and tone. Men and women alike find that Katie’s workouts work, are challenging, and most importantly are enjoyable. We hope you love them as much as we do!

My Story

About Katie

Whether you want to increase your general fitness, drop a dress size, feel good for your upcoming wedding or simply increase muscle tone and definition, Katie Dickens workouts are the perfect option.

Using 15 years of performing and teaching dance in its various forms Katie has a unique knowledge of what it takes to maintain a lean, fit and healthy dancers body. Using tried and true fitness methods with a unique dance twist, the fun and innovative workouts aim to test you physically and inspire you to keep moving.

The technique focused workouts incorporate some of Katie’s most loved methods to provide you with the best possible weight loss results uniquely designed for the female figure. Katie’s qualifications in Pilates, personal training, choreography and dance are applied to each work out and are constantly changing to keep your body guessing and avoid the dreaded weight loss plateau.

Katie has spent years perfecting her practice to ensure women not only see changes to their figure, but also feel the changes within themselves. Her holistic approach focuses on building the correct mindset, to the right training plan and nourishing food habits so women feel confident, empowered and love their own body.

‘Women love how they feel when practicing my method; they love the burn and can feel the muscles that they are using to create their best body,” Katie says.

We can’t wait for you to experience Katie’s world of workouts, nourishment and mindset.

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