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Organised Mum - Katie and Jordy by Pool


I’m not sure about anyone else, but I have been hanging out for school holidays to end. Having such a big age gap between my 7 (nearly 8-year-old) step son and my youngest boy, nearly 18 months now, you may be able to relate to the exhaustion I’m faced with day to day. With baby number 2 well on the way, I’ve started to put a few things into place to be a more organised mum, to make the transition to work, school and juggling two babies under 2, that much easier.
It may sound crazy and even a little ridiculous, but it all starts with organising the little things, which to us mummas could often be classed as the BIG things. There are three things I am trying to stay on top of, to make sure our family and work life is balanced and organised.


Organised Mum Katie and Jordy at Home

#1 Laundry and Folding

I try to get my washing on in the morning whilst the kids are having breakie, this way the clothes have the day to dry and I’m not faced trying to do this when Jordy is asleep. Of a night time when Jordy goes down (roughly 7pm) I’m out pulling the washing off the line, folding it up and putting it away. Getting it done so it doesn’t tie up your day has been unreal and allows me to spend time on other important things.


#2 Meal Prep

I’m so BIG on meal prep! It saves me so much time in the kitchen both of a morning and in the evening, when I have two kiddies at my heels. I prep lunches for the next day and dinner for the night for my family so that it’s ready to go come the evening. The best time for me to get organised is when the house is quiet and the kids are sleeping or on the weekends when Bryce is home to look after the kids. I take that time to whip up about 5 healthy snacks for me and the kids and then snap lock bag everything and pop it in the freezer. Taking this approach allows me to keep the food fresh and mix things up with longer shelf life.
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Organised Pregnant Katie at Studio

#3 Exercise

Being 32 weeks pregnant, I’m not able to work out at the moment. However, prior to my third trimester I would smash out a morning workout before the kids woke up from their sleep, because let’s face it, come night time that’s the last thing we want to do after a hectic day of work, domestic duties and caring for our little ones. By getting up early and doing it before the manic of the day begins, this limits your excuses and sets you day off on the right foot with endorphins flowing through your blood.
As for you evening night exercise goers, once the kids are down and your meal is prepared (or left in the warming oven) this is your time to shine! Enjoy that time to sweat out the stresses of the day and focus on you and your body. Make sure you set aside time for yourself, so that you can have the energy you need to be fully present with your loved ones.



Taking the time to think and plan ahead really makes life so much easier. It means I can enjoy spending more time with the kids at night after dinner and I’m not left with loads of dishes or washing to do. Prepping healthy food, getting your workouts done early (or late if you are an evening person) and knocking over those domestic duties before being interrupted by kids, will unleash freedom and flexibility in your life, that you never thought possible. Giving myself that time to spend solely on me and my family helps to create memories that will last a lifetime.
So, when you don’t have the kids around fighting, needing your attention or near hot surfaces, get in there and get it done. Making these small deliberate changes was the best decision I’ve ever made!


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