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“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Trapped in a world of comparison?

Are you always looking at other peoples’ lives and wishing you were as beautiful, successful and accomplished as them? That’s got to STOP now!
We spend so much of our precious time judging one another, comparing our bodies, personalities, careers and the life we are or aren’t living. Whenever someone is smashing career goals, succeeding professionally or reaching major milestones, it can lead to feelings of envy, depression and complete inadequacy. Especially with social media! Naturally we want to share our most glamorous moments in life. I mean, we rarely see photos of people on their “off days” because why would we want to show the world we are struggling? Even when we do find a photo that we want to share we are forever adding filters, adjusting lighting and making edits to airbrush ourselves to look practically perfect. You can’t judge your life based on someone else’s social media profile, as it is so hard to find authenticity these days. So when you’re scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed, remind yourself that you are looking at the best 2% of someone else’s life. Those photos and videos represent a highlight reel of their lives, showing all the most wonderful times of their life. You should never, ever judge your entire life based on a highlight reel now should you?

Top 3 Tips for Crushing Comparisons!

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1. Recognise your triggers and break them down.

Identify situations when you find yourself starting to fall into the trap of making comparisons. If it is social media, it might be time to cull. Unfollow every account that does not inspire positivity about yourself and remove accounts that cause you to be jealous about a life that you don’t have.

2. Remember other people’s “outsides” cannot be compared to your “insides”.

This is one of the most important habits we should be seeking to embrace on a daily basis. Comparing yourself to someone based on their outward appearance is not a realistic measurement. Unless you’re really close to them and know 100% what they think, feel and believe in their heart all the time, then you can’t possibly know every little secret of their life. For all you know they could be dealing with some significant challenges in their life that they are keeping hidden from the world.

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3. Surround yourself with supportive, positive and inspirational people.

Buying more clothes, attending more social events and losing weight may help you temporarily in pushing away comparisons, but the reality is, there is always going to be someone better dressed, someone with more social connections and someone fitter than you.

From me to you…

Seriously, enough with the comparisons ladies! Why don’t we just accept the way that we were created and celebrate our uniqueness and diversity. I mean if we all looked the same, the world would probably be kinda boring right? So no more judging, let’s support one another in each of our goals so that we can build a community of supportive, strong women.


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