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The silly season has arrived! There will be parties, events and a whole lot of fun lined up this month, so staying on track is going to become that little bit more challenging. And for some of you, staying on track will be the last thing on your mind.
So lets keep things really simple and try to stick to the FAB 5:


1) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

It’s usually the last thing we think of in these busy periods, but making sure you drink at least 2L of water every day will help you get through the silly season feeling fresh, energised, with glowing skin and headache-free. If you’re at a Christmas party and you’re having a couple of glasses of bubbles, try to stick to the 1:1 ratio for alcohol to water – trust me, your body will thank you the next day!


2) The rule of 7

Try to keep your alcoholic beverages down to less then 7 per week. We don’t want you binge drinking or consuming high amounts of alcohol in one night.


3) Cut down your portion sizes

When a big serve of Christmas pudding lands on your lap, how about you try sharing it with the person next to you? I find this is a great way to ensure I’m not depriving myself, but I also don’t end up over-indulging.


4) Plan for party days

When you know you have an event on a particular day or night, and you know you may be having a little more of the good stuff than normal, I really encourage you to stay clean and lean with every other snack or meal either side of your event. Try moving your body for at least 30 minutes that day if you can too. You won’t feel as guilty for indulging that night!


5) Move your body 30 minutes a day

This doesn’t include shopping or cleaning the house, although they are great actions! I want to encourage you to build strength and lean muscle, which means a proper workout. Get that heart rate up and those endorphins flowing while listening to your favourite Christmas tunes!


Most importantly, enjoy yourselves! This is the time of year to surround yourself with family, friends and good food and I don’t want you to feel deprived or put too much pressure on yourselves. It’s all about finding that balance!

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