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Where do I begin…

He came into my life completely unexpectedly. I’m not even kidding, I had written a list of qualities I was looking for in a man, right down to what he loved to do, how he loved to spend his weekends, travel and all. And then … in 2015 I found THE Man! I had been single for about 4 or so years, before I met Bryce, on Tinder of all places! Prior to meeting Bryce, I had some much needed me time, as I had just come out of a long term relationship that lasted over 6 years. It wasn’t a healthy relationship and ended in me escaping my situation. I felt in those 6 years from the ages of 19-25 I missed out on just ‘living,’ being free and experiencing all those things you get to enjoy in your early 20’s. The mistakes, the triumphs, the highs and the lows. Once I had enjoyed my little siesta and break from relationships I decided I was ready to get back in the field. At the time, Tinder was seriously trending, and was what all of my single girlfriends where doing. I met a lot of really, really interesting people to say the least, there were certainly some really different experiences, and plenty of war stories… but it was a great learning curve!

Katie and Bryce on Farm

Bryce was lucky last on my list. We sat down for our first date. I talked and he listened. Safe to say I was completely in awe of him. He had this incredible calming effect over me. I would tell my girlfriends all the time “he’s just so cool, calm and collected. He always has it together!”

Katie and Bryce in love!

Blossoming love…

So our love story began and within 6 months we were living together. He just kept asking me to come over and I just never left… not that he had much choice. Then in October 2016, we got the biggest shock of our lives when we found out I was pregnant! It was completely unplanned. I was about to jump on set to film a Katie Dickens Online Workout at the Dance Barre Studio and it honestly took the wind out of me. I was with my studio manager at the time, and grabbed her to get a set of fresh eyes to assess the damage. Surely I was seeing something right? It had to be wrong?!?
Jess and I stood in the kitchen literally staring at the bench where the results sat. All poor Jess could do was look at me awkwardly with a half smile waiting for my reaction to kick in. Bryce finally strolled which he is never normally on set with me. He began making a coffee, turned to Jess and I who looked as suss as anything standing directly in front of the test results awkwardly smiling. I couldn’t contain myself… Bryce eventually asked “what’s up with you two?” I blurted it out… “babe, we are pregnant” as I held up the test in front of him. His reaction… well he turned around, continued making his coffee and said “Dickens you better get filming,” with a massive smile on his face.
I had just signed a 40 video contract deal and had 12 months to complete it, the pressure was on… I reminded him what I had just told him. He immediately turned around embraced me and kissed me. He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. Meanwhile, Jess was still standing there, gobsmacked. I think she knew she was about to get slammed with work. Poor girl got to live this moment with us. It was all very special and memorable though. Jess and I still laugh about it today.

The Grand Proposal…

The proposal came 4 months after. Again it was completely unexpected and I was seriously taken by surprise. Bryce decided to pop the question at a really inappropriate time – 4:30am to be exact, on a romantic weekend away in Noosa. The proposal couldn’t have been more low key and chilled. I am the complete opposite, over-doing and over-performing everything. But Bryce did it his way – sweet, romantic and effortless. Asking a few questions as he was stalling before finally cuddling me from behind opening my hand and placing the ring on my finger. It was an immediate yes! I couldn’t believe this was happening. I found my Prince Charming. A man I grow more and more in love with every single day.

Katie and Bryce - Having Fun!

I was so incredibly stunned. I had no idea he was going to propose! My best girlfriends had no idea either! He picked the exact ring that I wanted! It was just magical. So come 5am, we got up and walked along Noosa Beach. We called our parents, showed them the ring and then made our way to a local bakery for some celebratory fresh hot croissants.

Bryce getting ready!
Katie getting ready!

Our Fairytale Wedding…

Then came our dream wedding. I can’t tell you how much fun we had! I really wanted to make a big week/weekend out of our wedding, so we did. We had an event on every night from the week leading up to our wedding which was on the Saturday. All our friends and family who had arrived early helped us celebrate the week that was, from getting our nails done, to heading to bars, bridal party meet ups and lunches and dinners night after night. Come Thursday, we rented two Airbnb’s, one for the girls and one for the boys. We partied and celebrated, really enjoying each other’s company the entire time.
Saturday was the BIG day! Time to get hitched! Bryce surprised me with a ridiculously beautiful car (as seen in our video), which I had no idea about. It was just surprise after surprise. We had fireworks, our glamorous trainers, Sammi and Claire, danced for everyone and then Bryce and I performed a special dance together choreographed by our beautiful teacher Gaby.

Katie and Bryce Wedding Ceremony

Our relationship has been full of unexpected surprises from falling pregnant with our first born, starting a few businesses together, getting engaged, building a house, getting married, moving house, falling pregnant again… and the list honestly goes on. All I can say is that I know I’ve met my partner in life. I respect him more and more each day. I value his knowledge and experience in the business world, just as much as I value his truth and morals at home away from our busy life in the outside world. He is a man that everyone has so much respect for and honestly, I couldn’t be more proud to call him my husband.
Enough from me, I’ll let our incredible wedding video do the rest of the talking.

Happy Valentine’s Day GALS!

Videographer: Matt Barwick Films
Photographer: Luke Middlemiss

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