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Let’s get real girls, we all live super busy lives with our careers, kids, family and just life in general. It is not always easy to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Sometimes just trying to figure out what to cook for dinner can be quite the challenge. Work is stressful, the kids are grumbling, it’s hot and you can’t be bothered to spend hours in the kitchen. I totally get it. This is why I strongly encourage you to think ahead. Plan meals and snacks for yourself that will keep you feeling nourished and satisfied all day every day. Of course you don’t necessarily have to follow your plan to a ‘T’ because things always come up and you shouldn’t feel guilty about this. But, at least starting your week with a solid game plan, certainly sets you in the right direction.

Plan and Prep

Weekly Planner Flatlay
Preparing meals and snacks in advance is super important in supporting a healthy lifestyle. Having “well-planned” snacks makes it easier to control your portion size at meals and ensures you are eating a colourful, nutritionally valuable diet. Sometimes by not eating and planning satisfying snacks, we become so hungry at our next meal that we overindulge on food we actually don’t need. Yes, guilty as charged right here!
Need some healthy recipe ideas to fill that planner – check them out here.

My Weekly Planner

What I like to do is sit down on a Sunday evening, or whatever day and time that suits you, and map out what meals and snacks I want for the week. It keeps me accountable and helps me to avoid that all too frustrating question “what should I cook for dinner tonight?” I have created a beautiful weekly planner you can download and use, so that you can start smashing out your 2019 goals. I have also designed a second planner that you may like to use if you have kids at school. You can organise all their school lunches and snacks for the week to make sure their little bodies and minds are getting the nourishment they need to grow up healthy and strong.
There are many ways you can motivate yourself to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. What are your top tips? I’d love to hear from you, as I am sure many others would as well! Let us know in the comments below.
Stay healthy, Katie x

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