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Mezomorph Body Type 101 page Ebook STRONG by KD is the 12 week Program designed for your body – so you can get strong in body, mind and self. Every woman’s body is different, and that’s why my program focuses on training and fueling in the correct way for your body, to get your best results. This is your Miss MESO Guide. Not sure on your body type? Click here to check out our body type guide. [Please note that for copyright reasons your Ebook link is protected and is valid for 24 hours, with a maximum of one open (for example, on one device only). We highly recommend you save the Ebook somewhere safe immediately after opening. As the Ebook is large, it may take some time to load – allow a couple of minutes for it to do so and do not close your browser until it is loaded. If you have any queries, shoot us an email at]

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What do you get in this program?

12 Week Workout Guide
All of the workouts you need are on my Online Workout Studio. With over 45 workouts ranging in styles from cardio, strength, tone, Pilates and barre, you have the ultimate fitness tool at your fingertips. This guide takes you through your 12 weeks and shows you exactly which workouts to choose and combine to create your strongest post-baby body.

Recipe Ebook
My nutrition principles are clean, wholesome and simple. This 101 page ebook is full of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas that are perfect for your body type and are simple whether you’re cooking for one, two or the whole family. *Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free friendly.

Nutrition Tips & Principles
Nutrition plays a massive role in our overall health, and knowing when and what to eat for your body type is crucial to feeling strong, energised and nourished. These tips will be your guidelines to live by.

Workout Principles
I am a massive believer in making the most out of your workouts. These principles are your must-dos to really maximise your results and are the key to creating a strong body.

Goal Setting Guide
Mindset, goal setting and affirmations are a big part of my own fitness journey post-baby and are often overlooked. This is your weekly goal setting guide to keep you on track, grateful and positive over the next 18 weeks, and beyond.

…PLUS much more.

*please note that a Katie Dickens Online Membership is needed to complete the 12 Week Program. You can get your membership HERE from just $10 per week.

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