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The moment we welcomed little Reed into the world

We arrived at the hospital at 7am – my obstetrician and I had decided we would break my waters if baby hadn’t come by 39 weeks. Reed was measuring far bigger than Jordy and there were a few concerns around my delivery. I can honestly say I didn’t ‘love’ the fact that Reed didn’t come when he was ready and that I had my waters broken.

For me personally, it was really surreal in the lead up to the Monday. I spent the weekend trying to get my labour started naturally but of course my body and my baby had their own plans. Once my waters were broken the Doc told me to get started and get moving – we wanted to see if I could labour naturally. And so I did – I was dancing, bouncing on the FB and doing laps around the hospital grounds with my hubby. A few hours in, around 11am the midwife puts my OB on the phone.

“So no action yet Katie?”

I asked her to give me 15 minutes and went hard moving and grooving… still nothing. By 11:30am there she was ready to rock and roll! My OB came in to set me up with the hormone to get my contractions started and let me tell you within 30 mins they were full blown, hard out contractions 3 mins apart. I’m not a screamer. I tend to internalise my pain, so I can honestly tell you it was a very quiet labour – apart from my squeezing the hell out of my hubby every 3 mins and pulling ridiculous faces there wasn’t much else to see. By 3pm, I had been contracting for 3 hours non stop and it was unbelievably painful.

The midwife told me, “Now is the last chance to get an epi.”

I panicked then hesitated, “Yes, no, yes, no” as she was literally on the phone to the anaesthesiologist.

I shouted out, “Wait, I don’t think I want it!”

Next minute the worst contractions ever came along I and quickly shouted out “I want it, I want it, I want it!”

The epi went in an hour later – the fun part was waiting for that to arrive then sitting through the most painful contractions whilst the epi was administered. Then life was cruisey – hubby and I both napped and it was pretty relaxing for a couple of hours there. Around 5pm the midwife came in and asked me if I had felt any pressure down below – I told her I had been for the last 30 minutes.

She kinda jumped, and said “Right, you might be ready to push.”

She quickly got my OB in front of me stat and before I knew it, they told me to start pushing. Wohoo! 33 mins later I had my baby in arms. I loved the entire experience. The pain and the uncertainty all of it. Meeting our little Reed who remained nameless for 15 or so hours whilst we relaxed, I recovered and we bonded with our little man was the most incredible experience of all.

My life has taken on a complete new meaning. I can honestly say being a mum has taken me completely by surprise and I’m loving it. My kids are teaching me so much; to be present, to be still, calm and patient and to pay attention. I’m growing with the, and it’s the most rewarding experience ever.

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