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Welcome to Motherhood – Round 2

One of my girls asked me to write about how motherhood (with a new addition) has been treating me so I’m going to be as raw and as honest with you all as I can.

Wow, the first two months since Reed was born has been such a huge adjustment. I swear everyone tells you “ it’s going to be hard”,  “it’s going to be busy” “ you will be fine!”

I’m still waiting for “fine” to kick in. Seriously, I’ve been schooled by a toddler and owned by a new born. Nothing of course, I wasn’t already aware might happen. It’s just magnified 100 times over when you have both your bundles of joy in the same room at the same time, both demanding your attention. Then throw in my 3rd beautiful boy (my step son who is 8) and you have a crazy busy household on your hands.

Heck why not add in 3 businesses that are your heart and soul, plus your incredible husband who works his butt off in his multiple businesses, and MIA parents who live in different states… or different country all together!

Okay, I’ve painted the picture for you all… so how am I making it work?

First things first, I’m still a newbie at this so this is only 8 weeks worth of research #rookie but what I’ve found works for me is to P R I O R I T I S E.

SO what’s really important and really needs to get done?

Does the house really need to be tidy all day, everyday? No, let that shit go. Tidy up end of day when everyone is in bed.. that includes vacuuming too. I do washing of a morning then hang it out and fold of a night time.

Here’s what I’m currently doing for meals. Every Saturday I sit down and figure out what’s on the menu for the week. Then I order everything online on a Sunday – praise online shopping for us modern day mums! Our poor parents must have seriously had it tough. This minimises wastage AND spending – I highly recommend doing this (even if you’re not a mum).

I meal prep of a night time when the kiddies are in bed. I have attempted to make dinners at lunch when kids are down, but I’m yet to have success of both being down at the same time. So I quickly changed it up and prepped dinner and lunches for the following day the night before. For me, this works like a dream!

Now exercise… As you know (because you’re here reading this blog) my entire life is revolved around health & fitness so I need to make this a priority in my day. I’ve only just started back training since giving birth but I’ve figured there are really two preferable times of the day to get in and get IT DONE! So I normally do something where I can sweat up an absolute storm in 30 minutes! Either first up of a morning while everyone still asleep… but for me that would be 5am so after a big night of breastfeeding that’s not my go-to right now.

My second option is of an evening when I can get the at least the two under 2 down. There is of course other options that can work for you, such as getting in a quick 30 minute session whilst bubba is down or if you’re a 9-5 gal, get it in right after finishing work! I do however, find first up in the morning is best – it really sets the trajectory for your day by getting those endorphins flowing.

My most important tip is to keep your mind strong. I say daily affirmations and have a killer vision board to keep me focused and happy!

Happy mum = happy hubby = happy kiddies or happy me = happy everyone!

I believe it is SO important to fuel your mind and find what keeps you on track to a positive mindset.  Of an evening I am listening to podcasts or reading for just 15 minutes. I’m finishing the day with “me time” because let’s face it, having 1,2,3 + kids… you get very little of that.

So for all your ladies reading who are in your prime (gawd I loved my prime – all the freedom in the world) ENJOY IT!Because once those little critters arrive you are now initiated into the “what the hell am I doing” phase of life and “minimal me time for at least the first 5 years”. I say all this with pure love and realism haha! And for the mummas, each day is a new day and we will survive it (I promise).

I hope you find these tips helpful and if you have any you’d like to share with me please send me a message @katiedickensonline – I’d love to have a chat!

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